Climate Crisis 2020

The upcoming game for Android & iOS

Satisfy the population

Populations are a fickle thing. Can you keep the people happy enough to let you stay in power? It’s easy just remember bread and circuses require energy to run in cold Canadian winters.

Sources of Energy

Wood, Coal, Oil, Solar, Geothermal, Hydro, Wind. Go back in time and see how you can alter the course of history.

You know it’s coming…

in the 1800s few would have predicted today’s climate crisis. Go back and use the power of hindsight to solve the crisis.

Transportation networks

Build your province, your way. Roads, trains, or high speed magnet trains? Cheap power and education are key.

”The people want food, heat and electricity. Those are non negotiable if you want to win”

With so much debate around global climate, it’s hard to understand what’s really at stake. Everybody wants a clean planet to live on, and we all also want the conveniences and culture that energy make possible.

Balancing those two demands (energy and environment) is one lens to look at the socio-economic development of the modern world. The result of those energy and environmental decisions have led us here, and that’s a messy and complicated place to be.

In order to make things fun, imagine you could go back and make different (or similar) decisions. How would we fare?

In our upcoming game (for iOS and Android) you get to do exactly that. You take the reins of a young province in the dying days of the 19th century. Your decisions will impact your economy, your environment and ultimately, your world.

Think it’s easy? It’s not. Early economies in Western Canada and the US were built around natural resources and agriculture. Cold winters presented a challenge each year that only food and heat could overcome, a driving force that did not consider today’s environmental perspective. In your world will pioneers heat their homes with wood? Coal? Natural Gas? Not at all? Will you provide electricity to the cities? How?

The game plans to include first person challenges where you interact with a beautiful Alberta landscape. As you progress in the game you will make decisions around which technology trees to pursue, and which policies to enact. (Ban fracking?, fund oilsands? ban solar? build hydro? It’s up to you! War room logos?)

Will your decisions save the planet? Will your people revolt?

Coming in 2020