Welcome to Climate Crisis 2020

With so much debate around global climate, it’s hard to understand what’s really at stake. Everybody wants a clean planet to live on, and we all also want the conveniences and culture that energy make possible.

Balancing those two demands (energy and environment) is what underlies the history of North America, the western world.

In our upcoming game (for iOS and Android) you take the reins of a young province in the dying days of the 19th century. Your decisions will impact your economy, your environment and ultimately, your world.

Think it’s easy? It’s not. Early economies in Western Canada and the US were built around natural resources and agriculture. Cold winters presented a challenge each year that only food and heat could overcome, a driving force that did not consider today’s environmental perspective. In your world will pioneers heat their homes with wood? Coal? Natural Gas? Not at all? Will you provide electricity to the cities? How?

The game plans to include first person challenges where you interact with a beautiful Alberta landscape. As you progress in the game you will make decisions around which technology trees to pursue, and which policies to enact. (Ban fracking?, fund oilsands? ban solar? build hydro? It’s up to you! War room logos?)

Will your decisions save the planet? Will your people revolt?

Coming in 2020

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